Sunday, May 4, 2008


If the thought of seafood makes you drool and leaves you weak at the knees, this is the place for you. Located on Cunnigham Road, in Sigma Mall, Nanking provides one a fine dining experience that is guaranteed to impress.

It is a chinese restaurant specializing in seafood, primarily Crab and Lobster. The decor is classy and elegant with soothing lighting. Soft, barely audible oriental music plays in the back ground.

The menu card is very well designed, combining simplicity and functionality. A maitre'D came by to assist us with our selection, and we left it to him to decide what we should have.

He suggested for an appetizer, Prawns stir fried with Red chillies, garlic and spring onions, a slightly spicy, wonderful start to our meal. The prawn was well cooked, not overdone and the flavours of the seasonings came through very well. Stay clear of the chillies though, they are lethal if had by themselves.

Our main course was a massive lobster in a flavourful sauce. This was my first experience of lobster and I was very impressed, both with it and with the presentation. It looked and proved to be mouth watering. Meat was tender and soft, not chewy or overdone. Served with a mildly spicy sauce with a lot of garlic, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

To compliment our lobster was a very simple Clay pot rice with vegetables. The rice was fragrant with almost no spice, and the delicate flavour of the vegetables and the black chinese mushroom were very evident.

The portions are more than sufficient for two. Too full to have dessert, we decided to leave that for another day.

Excellent service and the soothing ambiance, combined with seafood delicacies come at a price. But its a price one will be more than happy to pay. Meal for two will cost you around Rs. 3000 with drinks, i.e. if you opt for their specialty - lobster or crabs. A costly affair even otherwise, this place is a must visit for die hard sea food lovers.

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